Is it powered by it electron-filled tank? Or does the Volt's sloshing gasoline provide fuel for propulsion? Well, those of us in the real world know the Chevrolet Volt runs on both energy sources. But people in commercials don't act rationally and so sometimes need a simple education. That's what General Motors is trying to do in its latest plug-in hybrid spot.

First aired during the World Series, GM's latest Volt commercial features two clueless burger joint employees; one who thinks the Volt's "electric tank" powers the four-door compact and the other who believes it's gas that moves the plug-in sedan.

At the close of the 30-second clip we see GM's tagline "It's More Car Than Electric," but "Electric when you want it, gas when you need it" appears again, too, emphasizing the Volt's dual nature. Hit the jump to check out the Volt's latest spot.

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