Canadian takes over seven years to dig out basement using R/C construction equipment

Radio-controlled cars and trucks truly are a labor of love. An expensive hobby no matter which way you slice it, the costs get exponentially higher the more scale accurate you try to make your machines. And when you're talking R/C construction equipment, we'd wager that hundreds of dollars quickly turn into thousands of dollars.

Now that we've established that R/C machinery is an expensive hobby, let's talk about its impact as a time-sucking activity. After all, not only must you completely assemble and perfect your radio-controlled creations, you're certainly going to get them out to play with them. Or, if you're a particular Joe from Saskatchewan, you're going to do real-life work with them.

According to a massive 50-plus-page thread on, every morning Joe gets to work by loading his scale R/C excavator onto the back of a specially made R/C semi truck, then pilots the not-so-heavy equipment into his basement construction site. And by every morning, we mean every morning since June of 2005. Now that's dedication to the hobby. At the end of each day, all the newly excavated dirt and rubble is driven up a spiraling ramp and out the basement window.

Fortunately, Joe has documented his small-scale R/C basement construction project, so we can all gawk and gander at a full suite of photographs and videos showing how it's all been done. Check out the attached image gallery and the videos after the break to see for yourself. We see only one problem... this leaves no way to eventually win the heart of a girl.

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