Size doesn't matter when using your car to flirt

Like it or not, summer is slowly sinking to a close. School is back in session and days are getting shorter by the moment, so you better get all of your beach-going shenanigans in while you still can. In the case of one very intrepid remote-control vehicle enthusiast, that means cruising the sand in an RC Jeep, complete with a first-person camera and intercom system for stirring up all sorts of trouble. That includes attempting what could very well be the word's first remote-controlled flirtation.

Is it a little creepy to invite a young lady back to your beach house via an RC GI Joe and camera? Undoubtedly. The whole thing looks a bit like the intro to a slasher flick to us, but what do we know? The moral of the story is that you can still play with toys without being condemned to a life of eating Easy Mac alone in your parents' basement. Either that, or don't go in the house. One of the two. Hit the jump to see the videos for yourself.

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