Are you the Infiniti Emerg-e concept?

For an automaker whose lineup is made up of more crossovers than anything else, Infiniti sure does seem to like doing two-door show cars. The 2006 Coupe Concept showed the way forward for the G37 coupe, the 2009 Essence concept showcased a new design direction, the Etherea concept of 2011 may have been a five-door hatch but tried its damnedest to look like a coupe, and now the Japanese luxury marque is preparing to roll in to Geneva with a new sports car concept altogether.

Dubbed Emerg-e, the concept car has so far only been teased with a handful of close-up detail shots tinted such a deep purple we were half expecting them to break out into a rendition of "Smoke on the Water" – which was, come to think of it, set just across the lake from where the concept is set to be unveiled just a few weeks from now. But we digress. The point is that a series of what appear to be patent renderings have leaked their way online to give us a much better idea of what to expect.

So what should we expect? Well, based on the renderings, the show car is looking rather curvaceous. In some cases, we'd say, a little too much so, with a face that makes us think of a fat man trying to fit into a small bathing suit, and that's never a good image (so, um... sorry about that). We'll reserve final judgement for when we see it up close and personal next month.

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