1964 Ferrari 250 GTO sells for nearly $32M

Widely regarded as one of the most sought-after cars ever made, it's not every day that a Ferrari 250 GTO changes hands. But that day, according to reports out of the UK, has come.

Word has it that a private treaty sale – the only way vintage machinery of this caliber ever moves – of one such 1964 model has yielded a purchase price of £20.2 million – $31.8M in equivalent U.S. currency– just shy of the $30-40 million said to have been paid in 2010 for a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. In other words, this is the second most valuable car ever sold, and the most expensive ever sold in Britain. Or, at least, whose sale has ever gone on record, as many of these exchanges remain secretive.

Even in this case, although the purchase price was reportedly confirmed by the broker, the identities of the buyer and seller – and of the exact example in question – have not. The speculation is, however, that we're talking about s/n 5095, which British businessman Jon Hunt is said to have bought from former Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee in 2008 for £15.7 million (about $20.8M), and that it is now bound for Spain.

Whoever the buyer is, he or she is in good company. Of the 39 examples of the 250 GTO built, one belongs to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, one to British radio personality and consumate Ferrari collector Chris Evans, and one to fashion icon Ralph Lauren (who also just happens to own a Bugatti Atlantic).

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