Arizona lawmaker proposals per-mile electric-vehicle tax

Because nothing says environmental sustainability like a per-mile tax on electric vehicles.

That's what some Arizona legislators are proposing as a way to raise funds on the backs of those not paying taxes usually associated with fuel purchases.

Arizona Representative Steve Farley is proposing HB #2257, which would tax drivers of electric vehicles as much as 1.43 cents per mile. notes that the Oregon legislature is reviewing a similar plan, while Washington State and Kansas are also looking at special electric-car taxes.

The Arizona proposal isn't exactly onerous – at an average fuel cost of $3.50 a gallon, a driver taxed at 1.43 cents a mile would have to drive about 244 miles to rack up taxes equivalent to a gallon of gas, making the tax about half as costly as the electricity needed to propel a Nissan Leaf.

Still, the proposal marks another effort by some Arizona legislators to take away some incentives for buying electric-drive vehicles. Last month, Arizona repealed an emissions program designed to cut vehicle emissions just one year after it was enacted. Arizona's Clear Cars program, which was approved in 2008, was voted down by a 5-1 margin by the Arizona Governor's Regulatory Review Council, according to On top of this, any time a tax based on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) was discussed in the past, people were opposed to the idea.

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