Three states considering taxing electric cars to compensate for lost gas taxes

Opting to buy a battery-powered, all-electric vehicle not only frees your vehicle of tailpipe emissions. It also means owners of plug-ins don't have to pay gas taxes, right? Well, for residents of the states of Washington, Oregon and Texas, that sort of depends on whether or not soon-to-be introduced legislation to establish Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) taxes for electric vehicles gets passed into law.

Instead of taxing fuel to finance road infrastructure, a VMT tax system charges motorists based on their "road consumption," as measured by total miles traveled. VMT could be implemented via the use of GPS units, which records distance traveled and charges motorist accordingly.

Unsurprisingly, as with other taxes, VMT has its critics. Some motorists see VMT systems tracking your every move as an invasion of privacy. Others claim that VMT could become a roadblock that hinders the adoption of electric vehicle. Some even argue that the tax is unfair because it singles out a single type of vehicle. What's your take?

[Source: Plugin Cars]

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