Arizona repeals Clean Cars program after one year

Arizona has repealed a lower vehicle emissions program that was patterned after California's rules after just one year in effect. The state government voted to instead match federal greenhouse-gas regulations.

CronkiteNewsOnline reports that, last week, the Arizona Governor's Regulatory Review Council voted against continuing regulations that would've required car companies to cut fleetwide emissions each year and to help develop an infrastructure to support electric-drive vehicles, the site said. Arizona's Clean Cars program was approved in 2008 and went into effect last January. The Council voted 5-1 in favor of repealing the program.

The decision is likely to aggravate environmentalists who say that the program would've helped the state's air quality and helped cut dependency on foreign oil. Those supporting the repeal say that, with the federal government proposing U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions standards requiring about an 80 percent improvement in fleetwide fuel economy by 2025, the state's program is unnecessary.

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