In Detail: Electric DeLorean DMC-EV

It isn't easy to take something from the automotive world's past and bring it into the future, but if you're going to do it, what better candidate than a DeLorean?

The DMC-12 needs no introduction. Its role in the blockbuster hit Back to the Future has made this little gull-winged coupe one of the most recognizable autos in the world, despite its short-lived production run. Now, DeLorean Motor Company of Texas--who acquired all of the original DMC inventory and distribution rights in 1997--hopes to redefine the DMC-12 for the 21st century. When Doc Brown blurted out "this sucker's electrical," he wasn't speaking in literal terms, but now the DMC-12 actually is electrical. Thanks to DeLorean's new CEO, Stephen Wynne, fans of the car can buy it, all-new, with a custom-built electric powertrain.

The battery comes from appropriately named California battery company Flux Power and puts out enough juice to propel the DMC-EV for 70-100 miles of range. The new electrical system adds about 200 pounds over the ICE version, but that doesn't mean the performance suffers. DeLorean sought out help from familiar face Epic EV to create a new resin composite underbody that shaves off a few hundred pounds.

The original DMC-12 was never about performance. The 130 hp V6 left many underwhelmed, considering the car's exotic looks. The new electric motors put out 260 hp at the high rpm range and, from 0 rpm, 360 lb-ft of torque. The increased power and lighter underbody means the DMC-EV should go from 0-60 mph in around 5 seconds. But the real question: how long will it take to get to 88 mph? (We're sorry.)

Although much of the car's good looks are original, the interior has been modernized with a GPS nav system and iPod dock. Three stainless buttons below the IP stack release either each gullwing door or both at the same time. The big roundel knob is for selecting Park, Drive or Reverse. Finally, the steering wheel has been updated to include the DMC logo, more stainless steel, and finely stitched leather. The interior is a great execution of modernizing a classic.

Right now the car is just a prototype, but if DeLorean is successful in getting the systems tweaked and optimized, the DMC-EV will go on sale in 2013 with a price of nearly $100,000. Sure, all those 1985 fanboys will have to pony up some serious cash, but at least where they're going, they won't need gas.

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