Call to end $7,500 plug-in vehicle tax credit spreads to WaPo

First Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) introduced legislation calling for an end to the tax credit given to purchasers of electric vehicles, now the Washington Post editorial board has joined in the call.

The Post board applauds the expiration of tax breaks for installing charging stations at home or commercial locations, then complains that since electric vehicles are expensive, providing tax breaks on their purchase amounts to a give away to the "well-to-do." As an example, the Washington Post editorial lists the $100,000 Fisker Karma as an eligible vehicle, but then refers to other "high priced" EVs without mentioning their cost.

However, though it doesn't mention the actual price of a Chevy Volt, the Washington Post editorial board grossly distorts the truth about problems with the Volt. It says:

In addition to its high price, the Volt brand is suffering from news that some of its batteries burst into flames after government road tests.

For the WaPo editorial board to come out against electric vehicle tax credits as a giveaway to the wealthy is laughably hypocritical given the publication's record of supporting tax breaks explicitly aimed at the rich. However, the presentation the Volt as a rolling hazard is not just twisting the facts. The Post is engaging in straight up fear mongering designed to harm both General Motors and the Volt.

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