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Progressive mocks Chevrolet focus group commercials

If you ask us, they had it coming

If you ask us, they had it coming.

Looking for meaning in Audi killing off its $1m electric supercar

And what does it say about the EV landscape in 2016?

Audi kills the zombie electric R8, again. But why?

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Bicycles vs. cars in the battle for our roads

An op-ed in The Washington Post argues that private automobiles own the road in cities, and mandatory bicycle helmet laws as a way for governments to avoid building a better infrastructure for bikes.

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Bob Lutz builds the case for a mid-engined Corvette

According to Bob Lutz, a mid-engine Corvette was on track for production when he was with the company, but a lack of money caused it to fall through the cracks. Now, he thinks there is a good shot of one actually coming to market. The former GM exec lays it all out in a must-read op ed in Road & Track.

Five reasons to love, or hate, the culture of American cars

As enthusiasts, we love cars from all parts of the world. Whether they be supercars from Italy, luxury sedans from Germany or tiny urban runabouts from Japan, as long as they're interesting and well-designed for their intended purpose, we're location-agnostic when it comes to picking favorites.

Cadillac, Buick and Chevy decisions impacted by worries abroad

European Concerns Drive GM, But Beware Of The French Connection

Going high-tech, the 4x4 way

Is It An Off-Road Adventure Or Just A Walk In The Park?

Call to end $7,500 plug-in vehicle tax credit spreads to WaPo

First Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) introduced legislation calling for an end to the tax credit given to purchasers of electric vehicles, now the Washington Post editorial board has joined in the call.

EDITORIAL: Attention Wall Street Journal - Ford does not use Toyota's hybrid system!

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

EDITORIAL: Attention Wall Street Journal - Ford does not use Toyota's hybrid system!

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery

Editorial: A simple way to reduce SoCal pollution and fuel consumption

As I spent several days in Los Angeles, CA last week I came to several realizations. First I never want to live there. While air quality has dramatically improved since the 1960s, the geography of the region means that it will never be as good as other places. Since the 1960s, California politicians and regulators have continually tightened emissions standards to the point where more than 99 percent of the pollution produced by cars and trucks in those days has been eliminated, and yet they want

Editorial: Why must cars continue to get larger and larger?

There is a cycle in the automotive industry of enlarging cars with each and every redesign. The latest casualty is the Honda Accord, once known as a more sensible choice in the face of ever-larger sedans from the American automakers. Back in the early eighties, American companies were still building large rear-wheel drive cars while companies like Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota were just beginning to roll out their smaller front-wheel drive designs. As it became apparent that consumers in America

Al Gore's Inconvenient Proposal - "Moving Beyond Kyoto" - and editorial

Just yesterday, July 1st, Al Gore authored an opinion editorial which was published in the New York Times. I have copied a few choice portions from the editorial, and will have a few comments after the break, if you care to read them. All of the following are quotes attributed to Gore from his editorial:

Editorial: Thoughts on the performance and potential of ethanol

Just in the last few days, we have shown you some different high-performance engines and vehicles designed to run on E85. We also showed you the fastest v

Editorial: So, since "global climate change" is official now...

Notice the words "Global Warming" were not mentioned during the State of the Union address, but we did hear the words "global climate change". What is the difference? One is burned into the public psyche and the other isn't; one sounds worse than the other. But, really they mean the same thing for our purposes. Have you ever watched "An Inconvenient Truth"? I must be honest here and let you all know that I am not into poli

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