Top Gear magazine and Jeremy Clarkson have already let us in on their 2011 care of the year, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque taking the cake from both of them (although Clarkson made the distinction that the best car of 2011 was the BMW 535d M-Sport Touring). A few more TG stars have clocked in to make their assessments, with Hammond choosing the BMW 1 Series M, May selecting the Fisker Karma, The Stig pointing to the BAC Mono, and mag writer Tom Ford laying money on the Morgan 3Wheeler.

Hammond found the 1 Series M perfectly "boisterous," May was smitten with the Karma's future-forward-vegan ethos, namely the fact that it has no animal products, and The Stig's stenographer wrote that the F3-racer-cum-street-legal-maniac BAC Mono is, well, just that. As for the Morgan 3Wheeler, after recounting all the ways it misses the mark as a car, Ford gives those very reasons for it being an awesome experience. You can have a look at each in our high-res gallery of photos and click the links to read all the details.

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