The ultimate in slot car tracks comes at a price [w/video]

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If you were fortunate enough to visit last year's Detroit Auto Show, you may recall something special lurking in the Ford booth. The automaker featured an expansive slot car track with a variety of Ford Mustang racers darting around an immensely detailed course. As it turns out, the track was built by David Beattie, a slot car enthusiast who has turned his passion into a serious business. Beattie uses a CNC router to carve the topography of your favorite track before applying numerous handmade details. The track surface itself is airbrushed to mimic well-worn tarmac, and Beattie makes every tree and fence by hand.

The craftsman can create any track from Le Mans to Laguna Seca. You'll need deep pockets to put one of these slot car venues in your man cave, however. Prices begin at $15,000 and ratchet all the way up to $75,000. Of course, that may be a small price to pay if you absolutely have to own a Porsche 917 shell that opens up to reveal an intricate figure-eight. Hit the jump to check out a few videos of Beattie's handiwork, including an interview with Jay Leno.

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