What automotive ads went viral in 2011?

It's been a serious year for automotive advertising. From dancing hamsters to big-name talent like Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and Dr. Dre, we saw automakers go all out in an attempt to lure buyers to their showrooms. But which spots garnered the most eyes? SkiddMark.com has taken the time to rank the top ten most popular automotive commercials of 2011 on YouTube, and it likely comes as no surprise that Volkswagen took the top spot with its The Force commercial. The spot debuted during the Super Bowl and featured an adorable Darth Vader. The combination was good enough to win the company a staggering 47.5 million views and over 4.8 million shares.

By contrast, Ken Block's Gymkhana Four drug home 13.1 million views and 2.1 million shares to take home second place. That's a massive gap, though Block also took the fifth and eighth place spots with his Gymkhana Three and Two, respectively. Not too shabby for selling sneakers.

Other winners included the Team Hot Wheels Yellow Driver's World Record Jump and the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial. Head over to SkiddMark.com for the full list.

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