VIDEO: Ken Block's Gymkhana Two, more sideways thrills, sillier stunts

Click above to view Ken Block's Gymkhana Two video after the jump

When it comes to driving deity Ken Block, words fail. So we'll keep this brief. Make the jump for the full video of Gymkhana Two, the sequel to Block's highly successful Gymkhana Practice flick from last year. We don't want to spoil the surprises, but the new car control epic is rife with original stunts, mythical feats and more sideways, tire-smoking action than ever before. We've also posted two more videos after the break, including footage from the premiere party we attended last week and a short audio clip that puts you next to Block as he does a few donuts in his Crawford-prepped STI around the sound man. It's stellar stuff and it's all available below the fold.

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