"Little Zenn Car" song gives old NEV new life

Seattle-area musician Deb Seymour is kind of in love with her all-electric car. In fact, we don't think we've ever heard of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) driver who's been more public about his or her affection for their little runabout. Seymour recently posted her song "Little Zenn Car" to YouTube and it's surprisingly simple and fun. The song doesn't try to be too serious. How can it be when it's an ode with lyrics like, "Little Zenn Car rocks my world, she's a carbon-free, green-wheeling girl" or "Well, you say you drive a Prius, you're still using gas"?

To be clear – as the end credits specify – Seymour knows that Zenn NEVs aren't even made any more, and she's not trying to shill for the company. The video says:

This video was made for love, not money, and was not commissioned or endorsed by the Zenn Motor Company. Deb Seymour is not a paid employee of official spokesperson for the company. She just likes her car a whole lot.

We're glad to hear it. You can watch the video after the jump and download the track from Seymour's Urban Folkerista website until the end of the month.

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