German Mercedes manager arrested in Alabama under new illegal immigration law

Alabama's strict immigration laws have helped land a Mercedes-Benz executive in jail. The Associated Press reports that an unnamed Mercedes executive was arrested after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

The arrest came after the 46-year-old exec was unable to produce any identification other than his German ID card. The executive was pulled over because his rental car reportedly did not have any tags, but he was later released after an associate was able to present his passport for inspection. Mercedes-Benz spokesperson Felyicia Jerald called the incident "unfortunate," and added that the incident was resolved once a colleague was able to produce a driver's license.

When Alabama Governor Robert Bentley heard of the executive's arrest, he reportedly contacted State Homeland Security Director Spencer Collier to get details. We're guessing that doesn't happen when most other immigration arrests in Alabama, but Mercedes-Benz has a substantial footprint in the state. Mercedes has built vehicles in Tuscaloosa since 1993, and the facility currently produces the ML, R-Class and GL.

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