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Still, some Model 3 customers are canceling their orders.

Musk maintains that his efforts are "doing good" and that it would be "wrong" to leave Trump's economic advisory council.

Spokesperson says solicitation was published without knowledge of top officials

One day after its plans to create a massive database of information collected from license-plate scanners became widely known, the Department of Homeland Security scuttled the project.

Police had stopped SUV for tailgating along Interstate 40 in Oklahoma

A routine traffic stop for tailgating along Interstate 40 led to the arrest of 13 suspected illegal immigrants.

Hyundai, one of the largest employers in the state of Alabama, has been urged by a group of 15 civil rights organizations and labor unions, including the United Auto Workers and NAACP, to help overturn Alabama's immigration law.

Alabama's strict immigration laws have helped land a Mercedes-Benz executive in jail. The Associated Press reports that an unnamed Mercedes executive was arrested after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

There are a few key ways for an illegal immigrant to get deported. Anything to do with making or selling drugs is the number one way to get kicked out of the country, with 45,003 cases in the last fiscal year alone. That's up nearly one third from 2008, but drug offenses may not be number one for long thanks to a surge in drunken driving-related deportations.

Oh baby, we really can't make this stuff up, folks. Pueblo, Colorado police arrested three people on charges of using a 5-month-old baby as a down payment on a car – not even a new car, but a used Dodge Intrepid. A young woman apparently tried to get a car and some cash and only had the baby to offer in exchange. Allegedly, Nicole Uribe gave the baby to Jose-Juan Lerma and his wife, Irene, for the down payment on the car. She also would have received an unspecified amount of cash, in addit

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