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Daimler starts building electric car batteries in Alabama

Part of a $1 billion investment to upgrade its factory in Tuscaloosa

Part of a $1 billion investment to upgrade its factory in Tuscaloosa.

Daimler announces $1B expansion, joins foreign rush to add U.S. auto plants

Mercedes-Benz will produce EVs here starting in about 2020

Mercedes-Benz will produce EVs here starting in about 2020

Mercedes invests $1.3 billion to expand Alabama factory

Mercedes-Benz is making a big investment in its Tuscaloosa, AL, factory to expand SUV production.

Mercedes moves R-Class production to AM General in Indiana

The R-Class may be produced in the US, but though it's not available here any more, it hasn't been killed off entirely. It's still available in China, but now Mercedes has awarded the manufacturing contract to AM General in South Bend, IN.

2015 Mercedes C-Class owners reporting bleeding seats [UPDATE]

Owners of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class are reporting that, in certain cases, their seats are secreting a white, shiny, oily residue, particularly when warmed up in cold-weather conditions. It's not clear what the residue is, or if it's safe.

Mercedes Alabama ops ordered to allow workers to discuss unionization

A decision last week by the National Labor Relations Board has bolstered the efforts of the United Auto Workers at Mercedes-Benz's Tuscaloosa, AL factory, as the union continues its attempts to represent the factory's workers.

Mercedes' Alabama plant gets Happy with start of new C-Class production

Mercedes-Benz first announced plans start building the C-Class at its Alabama factory back in 2009. It's taken a few years to get everything ready, but the first one finally rolled off the line on Wednesday. The milestone gave workers there enough reasons to be happy t

UAW targeting VW and Mercedes for U.S. organizing drive

The United Autoworkers Union is struggling – and it is the first to admit it. With its membership dwindling after three decades of workforce cuts by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, the union has pinned its future on organizing one of the transplants. Efforts to convince workers at Jap

German Mercedes manager arrested in Alabama under new illegal immigration law

Alabama's strict immigration laws have helped land a Mercedes-Benz executive in jail. The Associated Press reports that an unnamed Mercedes executive was arrested after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

Mercedes-Benz gearing up for new model in Tuscaloosa, X6 fighter on the way?

Since settling on Alabama as its North American manufacturing base, Mercedes-Benz has produced an endless stream of SUVs at its Tuscaloosa plant. Over the years, the facility has expanded to accommodate the M-Class, GL-Class and R-Class models. And in 2014 it

Mercedes announces $2B investment into Tuscaloosa plant

Mercedes-Benz has just announced that the German automaker will invest more than $2 billion into its Tuscaloosa, Alabama manufacturing facility. The cash is slated to go toward production of current the current M-Class, though funds will also go toward producing the next-generation GL-Class and Zach Bowman

Ford Mustang emerges from tornado devastation under its own power

Ford Mustang drives out of the rubble in Tuscaloosa, AL – Click above to watch the video after the jump.

Mercedes-Benz and Toyota plants halted by tornado outage

Tornadoes are wreaking havoc in the southern United States, causing Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to put the brakes on production at each of their respective Alabama manufacturing facilities. Mercedes-Benz builds GL-Class, M-Class and Jeff Glucker

Mercedes-Benz pondering C-Class production in Alabama?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class - click above for high-res image gallery