Though the modern Porsche 911 has retained much of the same style as the original, there's still something about a classic Carrera that attracts a certain breed of enthusiast. That's what led to the creation of the Singer 911, and what has apparently motivated a German tuning outfit called DP Motorsport to retrofit a 1973 model to lightweight specification.

The modifications start with a complete carbon fiber rebody. The front and rear bumpers, hood, fenders, doors and whale tail have all been replaced with the lightweight weave, while the windows and lamp covers have all been ditched in favor of lighter-weight replacements. The result is a 870-kilogram (1,918-pound) curb weight instead of 1,080 to 1,335 kg (2,380-2,943 lbs) stock. But that's only half of the less weight, more power ratio equation.

DP Motorsport has also fitted a 3.6-liter flat-six with 310 horsepower, enhanced by a new carburetor and filters, fitted to a G-50 gearbox and limited-slip differential. It rides on 16-inch Fuchs wheels on a coilover suspension with adjustable stabilizers, and they've fitted the brakes from a 964. The interior has likewise been lightened, fitted with bucket seats and swathed in grippy black Alcantara.

In short, the DP 911 is like the air-cooled original, only more so. Check it out in the high-res image gallery and the press release after the jump.
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The dp Motorsport company located in Overath-Immekeppel whose story of success began in 1973 has transformed a Porsche 911 originating from the same year into a lightweight by consistently employing the noble carbon material.

The rear-engined 911 in white featuring a 3.6 litre Boxer engine impresses with a dp11 RS 2011 bodykit manufactured from carbon, including front bumper and hood, fenders, lightweight doors, rear fender flares, rear bumper and rear spoiler. Alongside the green heated windscreen, a set of green-toned Plexiglas windows, as well as lightweight lamp lenses, were installed for the sake of weight saving. Reduced-weight tail light lamp holders, as well as air conditioner cover and underride protection from carbon, help chop the weight down to the desired figure. The carbon roof panel has been manufactured using the sandwich vacuum technique, and both hoods are equipped with quick release fasteners.

The capacity of 228 kW or 310 HP, a 50-mm PMO carburetor with open air filters, a programmable advance curve double fuse combined with a G-50 Gearbox and limited slip differential are the decisive engine/transmission characteristics. Wheels size 9' x 15' and 13' x 15' by Fuchs coupled with 225/50-15 and 345/35-15 tires represent an adequate link between the vehicle and the road. Apart from the dp coilovers, adjustable stabilizers, as well as head bearing, the spring plates and rear-axle independent arms with Uniball bushings are definitely worth a mention. A braking system originating from a 964 model and adjusted for the 911-G-Modell provides appropriate deceleration.

As for the interior, the dp 935 bucket seats, the light carbon dashboard, a special knee bar set and the raised central tunnel catch the eye at first glance. In contrast to the body colour, the interior is dominated by black Alcantra. A welded safety cage, a varnished sports steering wheel with Porsche horn button, a lid instead of the clock and a carbon underbody are impossible to overlook. Finally, such specials are featured as a dp Clubsporttank with the capacity of 70 litres, a 25-amp gel battery starter, a smaller windshield cleaning liquid tank, light electric interior airing system, a middle oil cooler with front hood ventilation, as well as – how could it have been otherwise? – a brake cooling housing made of carbon.

All these modifications ultimately result in bringing the unladen weight of this 911 down to 870 kg (without fuel), the series standard being 1,080 to 1,335 kg depending on the type and equipment. It is carbon we owe such consistent weight reduction to.

Photos: Jordi Miranda

For further information on this vehicle and for consulting on all other tuning-related issues please contact:

dp motorsport
e. zimmermann GmbH
Zum Alten Wasserwerk 1
51491 Overath - Immekeppel
Telephone: 02204-71067
Telefax: 02204-71069

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