God willing, you will never party this hard. Police in Bainbridge, Ohio were recently led on a high-speed chase that saw a renegade driver clocked at 110 mph. According to Cleveland's Fox 8 News, after officers deployed spike strips to bring the fleeing sedan to a halt, they were met with a mostly nude, very intoxicated woman. The driver was wearing nothing but a g-string, a pair of tennis shoes and the skin she was born with. Police were eventually able to get the 28-year-old unruly nudist into the back of a cruiser (with some more clothes on), where she proceeded to go ballistic, attempting to kick out the cop car's rear window.

Erin B. Holdsworth has since been charged one count each of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, refusing a blood-alcohol test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damaging, driving on a suspended license, speeding and, our personal favorite, reckless operation. Holdsworth was later released and is set to appear in court on November 2. Hit the jump to see a video of the pursuit and detention of Ms. Holdsworth.

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