Hyundai pledges to tailor ads specifically to Super Bowl

Hyundai is practically a regular at the Super Bowl by now, having run Big Game spots touting the Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Elantra and Brett Favre over the past few years. Those ads focused on more practical reasons to buy a Hyundai. This year, Hyundai's intent on "sparking an emotional connection with consumers" with an ad that is as super as its backdrop.

With quips that sound like a halftime go-git-'em talk, Hyundai's VP of marketing said, "We're making Super Bowl spots. We need to get that headset on. The bar is high." All we're left to wonder is what kind of direction Hyundai plans to go – taking a look at other industry offerings, Chevy had its historic Volt, BMW had its clean diesel drifting, sister-brand Kia went CG blockbuster with its Optima Epic Ride, Bridgestone had its popular Beaver, and Volkswagen had its just-as-popular Black Betty. Oh, and VW also had its intergalactically popular Darth Vader. There was that little something about being Imported from Detroit as well...

So the bar is high. But Hyundai's come this far, so we figure at the very least whatever they do will be big. And expensive. If you have ideas, you can leave suggestions for The Flying H in the comments. For a refrshser, you'll find Brett Favre's offering after the jump.

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