2012 Mitsubishi i electric vehicle is totally Normal in Illinois

It's all normal in Normal, Illinois. That's the gist of Mitsubishi's latest commercial pitching its upcoming 2012 i electric vehicle.

First up, here's a Normal, IL primer: Normal is an incorporated town with a population of roughly 52,000. Normal is the seventh-most populous community in Illinois and is home to Mitsubishi Motors North America Manufacturing, a facility which employs a significant chunk of Normal residents.

So, for Mitsubishi, Normal represents the norm. It's no Hollywood. It's certainly not anything like Sin City. And, if residents of Normal – an ordinary U.S. town that's not similar to thousands of others scattered throughout this grand ol' country – drive the electric i on a daily basis, then so can millions of Americans who live in other "Normalvilles" in the U.S. of A. Hit the jump to check out Mitsubishi's "Welcome to the New Normal" electric vehicle promo.

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