Will the next Acura NSX come with a plug?

The Acura NSX is likely the hottest car to ever come racing out of Honda's often-staid bullpen, so news that its successor might be a hybrid has raised red flags with some enthusiasts. After all, Honda's hybrid line up hasn't exactly set the world on fire. The Insight has received mediocre reviews and been called a poor alternative to the Toyota Prius (though things are looking up for 2012). The little CR-Z has neither impressed enthusiasts looking for a replacement for the tossable CRX Si nor proven as parsimonious as the 50-mpg CRX HF.

Now, Motor Trend is suggesting that the NSX replacement may be a hybrid, but won't be tame. Instead, the car will be an all-wheel drive monster with gas and electric married to make 400 horsepower. Styling may be along the lines of the Acura Advanced Sports Car concept, and the vehicle is to be loaded with the latest in high tech gadgetry. Before you dismiss this as just another member of the (somewhat troubled) "performance hybrid" club, here's a possible twist: It's possible that the new NSX will not just be a hybrid, but a plug-in hybrid with a lithium battery pack to drive twin electric motors. Maybe this car really is a suitable drive for superheroes. Motor Trend's sources expect the car to bow in 2014 for less than $100,000.

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