Infographic: What's the greenest way to get there?

What's the greenest way to get from point A to point B? Is it by airplane or train? How 'bout by bus? Or is a grid-charged electric vehicle the greenest mode of transport?

Well, the answer depends on the length of the trip. Is it 350 miles? If so, then a bus seems to be the greenest means to get there. If it's a long-distance trip (2,500 miles), then, once again, the bus comes out on top, according to One Block Off The Grid's "The Greener way to get there" infographic. But what if the trip is only 20 miles? Is the bus still king?

The full infographic, complete with the greenest way to get there from here to there and loads of additional carbon footprint-related statistics – including why solar panels could make a world of difference in regards to plug-in vehicle emissions – can be found after the jump.

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