Hurley Haywood talks about Rennsport history

Don't get us wrong; we're thrilled there are collectors with the means and patience required to hide vintage race cars in climate-controlled warehouses for decades. History needs its preservationists, but competition vehicles are meant to compete. Their sheet metal requires heat from a track-day sun as much as their engines require fuel. That's part of what makes the annual Rennsport Reunion such an important event. Porsche owners from all corners of the globe bring out their race cars for plenty of track time as well as a low-key paddock car show.

Driven by the men and women who made the vehicles famous to begin with, the cars once again put fender to fender on the tarmac. For fans of the brand, there's no better opportunity to get close to the cars or shake hands with the drivers. Hit the jump to check out a video of 24 Hours of Daytona winner Hurley Haywood speaking about what makes the event so special.

Stay tuned for live coverage of this year's reunion October 14-16.

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