Renault to sell 15,600 electric vehicles to French government

Automaker Renault has been awarded a massive contract to supply the French government and its state-owned postal service, La Poste, with up to 15,600 electric vehicles, according to a report in the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Renault nabbed a significant chunk of France's recently announced 25,000-unit electric vehicle purchase order, according to Le Figaro. Yes, we said an order for 25,000 EVs. Renault will supposedly supply 10,000 electric vehicles to La Poste and approximately 5,600 plug-ins to other government-owned agencies. The contract is expected to be officially announced in mid-October after some legal hurdles are overcome, according to a Renault spokeswoman.

Additionally, Le Figaro reports that PSA Peugeot-Citroen will be awarded a contract to supply some 3,900 electric vehicles to government officials in France.

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