Quick Brick: Classic Volvo 240 Wagon races an M5

The Volvo 240 – and in particular, the five-door version known to fanatics as the 245 – is a certified classic. Its boxy shape, well-earned reputation for safety and cult status among collectors means this Swedish Brick will forever be on our radar as a memorable machine. And, for what its worth, this author owned a gold example for a number of years.

If there's one thing the 245 is not known for, it's speed. Sure, you could get a turbocharged version of Volvo's ubiquitous B-series "Redblock" four cylinder, but that really only made the brick acceptable. For some real speed, some enthusiasts turn to classic American V8s. Others, like the man behind the menacing subject of the video pasted after the break, look a bit further outside the box (pun sadly intended).

Specifically, we're honing in on an old Volvo wagon fitted with a 2JZ-GTE engine that was likely lifted from a twin-turbocharged Toyota Supra. With dual-overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and an air-to-air intercooler, this inline six is known to tuners as a beast just waiting to be unleashed. And in this case, the Volvo-bodied beast is preying on an unsuspecting BMW M5 sedan. See the action in the video after the break.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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