LG attempting to ban BMW and Audi sales in South Korea over patent dispute

LG Group has taken up legal arms against both BMW and Audi over a patent dispute. The technology company is reportedly aiming to have the sale of vehicles from both German automakers banned in South Korea over an LED patent dispute. According to Korea Times, LG Group is claiming that Osram, the manufacturer of LEDs favored by both automakers, is infringing on LG patents. Oddly enough, LG was once behind the patent game and had to pay Osram to use the company's LED technology in LG products. Now LG has combined its relevant patents with those of a host of smaller companies, allowing it to skip paying Osram and sue the company for infringement.


Is there any chance of a court outright agreeing to ban such a large section of products from two companies that largely had nothing to do with the dispute? That seems unlikely, but Osram and LG Group may have to sit down and have a nice, lengthy chat with checkbooks in hand sometime in the near future.

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