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Automaker teams with LG to rethink the car radio.

The two companies will develop new technology that will allow drivers to monitor their home automation systems.


LG looks to snag a big order for 15-inch LCD screens, thanks to Tesla.


Remember the story last fall about workers at battery maker LG Chem's Holland, MI-based plant who were sitting idle? Well, the feds have investigated and the news isn't good. The US Department of Energy (DOE) released an audit earlier this month (PDF) that revealed that not a single production lithium-ion battery has been built at the plant and employees have been finding other things to spend their time doing while being paid taxpayer money.


Hell hath no fury like a mobile-phone owner scorned.


LG Group has taken up legal arms against both BMW and Audi over a patent dispute. The technology company is reportedly aiming to have the sale of vehicles from both German automakers banned in South Korea over an LED patent dispute. According to Korea Times, LG Group is claiming that Osram, the manufacturer of LEDs favored by both automakers, is infringing on LG patents. Oddly enough, LG was once behind the patent game and had to pay Osram to use the company's LED technology in LG products. Now

As automakers wrestle with lofty fleet-wide MPG goals established by the recently revised CAFE standards, they're finding that the tag-team approach may work best. Cue General Motors and LG Group, who announced their design and engineering collaboration on future electric vehicles.

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