2007-2008 Chevrolet Impala owners suing Old GM over suspension woes

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Owners of 2007-2008 Chevrolet Impala models are once again suing Old General Motors for defects in their vehicles' suspensions. The Detroit News reports that three Impala owners have filed suit in U.S. bankruptcy court claiming that the sale of the company's assets was in bad faith and fraudulent on the grounds that the company didn't disclose its obligations to Impala owners. As you may recall, these owners attempted to sue GM on the grounds that the company acknowledged and repaired defects in the suspension of Impala police vehicles, but failed to do the same for general-market models.

GM, meanwhile, argued that it couldn't be held responsible for vehicles created before the new GM was minted after bankruptcy proceedings, and that the lawsuit is attempting to hold the new GM responsible for Old GM design decisions. Impala owners now argue that Old GM instated a secret warranty or silent recall by agreeing to fix the police vehicles.

The suit wants GM to replace faulty rear suspension rods that cause the vehicles' rear tires to wear rapidly. If successful, the suit could cost the automaker millions of dollars in parts and repairs.

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