Chevy Impala owners file class-action suit against GM

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The Detroit News is reporting that a group of Chevrolet Impala owners have filed a class-action lawsuit against General Motors over claims that the automaker addressed rear-end alignment issues on law enforcement 2007-2008 Impala models, but not vehicles owned by the public at large. The suit claims that a defect in the design of the rear spindle rods on the sedans causes the vehicle to wear through rear tires at an accelerated rate. Currently, only one owner is named in the litigation.

Donna Trusky of Blakely, Pennsylvania purchased an Impala in 2008 only to have the rear tires wear out in 6,000 miles. Other owners have complained of similar problems, including one driver who had a blowout due to excessive wear after just under 11,000 miles. Trusky's dealership replaced the tires and aligned the vehicle, but didn't mention any issue with the spindle rods. The Detroit News says that GM issued a technical service bulletin for 2008 Police Impala models but not the 423,000 civilian vehicles manufactured and sold between 2007 and the following year.

The lawsuit aims to have GM pay for the replacement tires and fix the alignment issue. GM, meanwhile, maintains that law enforcement Impala models are inherently different than those available to the consumer.

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