BMW X6 Active Hybrid gets axed

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At $89,725, the BMW X6 Active Hybrid was certainly no bargain. The 480-horsepower, 575 pound-feet-of-torque mid-size luxury crossover was a powerful beast, but the CUV's lack of added of efficiency could well be the reason that buyers did not opt for the hybrid X6 over the more conventional inline six- and V8-powered versions.

During our first drive of the hybrid sport activity coupe, as BMW labels the X6, we got 16 miles per gallon, a bit shy of the official 17 city, 19 highway mpg EPA figures. So, it's not clear why buyers would even opt for the the near-$90,000 X6 over the non-hybrid six-cylinder and V8 versions. The standard 2012 X6 starts at $58,900.

The X6 Active Hybrid officially went on sale in the U.S. on December 5, 2009, but the hybrid X6 is alread no more. Due to low sales, BMW has reportedly pulled the plug on the gas-electric X6 and we can't say were surprised – or even disappointed – to see the X6 Active Hybrid vanish.

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