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Even BMW’s ‘Vantablack’ X6 gets caught by LiDAR

Driver assists and semi-autonomous features should be able to detect it

Vantablack paint is so black, this 2020 BMW X6 looks two-dimensional

Even the Batmobile has never worn one of the darkest substances known

2020 BMW X6 revealed, looking more distinct — you could even say it glows

It's more expensive, more powerful, and then there's the light-up grille

Spy Shots
2020 BMW X6 spied at the Nurburgring with its interior exposed

Seen sitting right next to a 2019 X6 M

The second-gen coupe SUV from BMW nears production.

Spy Shots
2020 BMW X6 M spied with bigger everything

My, what big wheels ... and tires, and brakes and exhaust tips you have

My, what big wheels ... and tires, and brakes and exhaust tips you have.

BMW raises price of U.S.-made X5 and X6 SUV models in China

Prices will rise by 4 to 7 percent starting on Monday

Prices will rise by 4 to 7 percent starting on Monday.

Spy Shots
2020 BMW X6 spied looking leaner and meaner

It also has similarities to the X5

It also has similarities to the X5.

BMW recalls 200k SUVs in two campaigns

Problems with ISOFIX child seats in the X3 and X4 and the front driveshafts in the X5 and X6 have prompted BMW to issue two recalls amounting to over 200,000 crossovers in the United States.

BMW recalls 840,000 vehicles to replace Takata airbags

BMW will recall about 840,000 vehicles from the 2007-2015 model years to replace their Takata airbag inflators.

BMW X6 M said to lap the 'Ring in 8:20

Auto Zeitung reportedly laps the Nurburgring in 8:20 in a 2015 BMW X6 M. That's four seconds faster than the previous-generation X6 M, but six seconds slower than the Range Rover Sport SVR.

Daily Driver: 2015 BMW X6 M

The 2015 BMW X6 M is a rocket of an SUV. But what's it like to drive under normal conditions? Greg Migliore explains in this Daily Driver video.

Los Angeles
2016 X6 M brings the power at LA show

BMW tore the cover off the second generation 2016 X6 M Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

First Drive
2015 BMW X6 First Drive

Bavaria's High-Riding Hunchback Stays The Course

Most everyone would agree that BMW offers a range of very attractive and well-proportioned coupes, sedans, crossovers and wagons. Yet there is one member of its family that has always struck us as a bit odd: the X6.

2015 BMW X6 keeps it weird

Say what you will about the BMW X6 – odd and ugly as it may be, it's actually been sort of successful for the German automaker. BMW has now sold some 250,000 examples of the X6 since its launch, and the company's fastback-crossover-coupe-whatever-thing gets a host of meaningful updates for the 2015 model year while not straying from its original mission.

BMW is the US auto industry's leading exporter

Which automaker do you think ships the most cars out of North America, one of the Detroit Three or perhaps one of the Japanese automakers? Nope. It turns out the BMW's Spartanburg, SC, factory is the biggest automotive exporter from the continent in the United States. According to a recent profile by Bloomberg looking at the plant's 20th anniversary, Bimmer's southern ops

2015 BMW X6 stays the course with more power, RWD model

What would this world be without the BMW X6? Oh, sure, the whole coupe-crossover design trend surely would have started somewhere, but BMW was the first, launching its odd duck back in 2008. Much as we like to harp on the X6 (for being less functional and more expensive than the X5 on which it's based), people around the world sure do seem to like the thing, B

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