BMW X4 production confirmed

2011 BMW X3
2011 BMW X3
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BMW has reportedly confirmed plans to build an X4 crossover, according to AutoWeek. As its nomenclature suggests, the X4 will slot in between the X3 (pictured) and X5 within the automaker's lineup, so essentially, the X4 will be to the X3 what the X6 is to the X5.

Aside from the confirmation, details are slim about what we can expect from the X4. If the X5/X6 relationship is anything to go on, we can bet that the X4 will share its powertrain offerings with the X3, meaning that both four- and six-cylinder engines will be available, all with turbochargers. AutoWeek states that a high-output X4 M is likely to be produced, as well.

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