Bike Magazine loses pedal power in favor of Porsche power

Porsche recently commandeered California's Willow Springs raceway to hold a unique racing event that combined driving with cycling. Teaming up with Bike Magazine, Porsche created a duathlon that pitted a few top pedal-powered two wheelers against Flying Lizard wheelman Patrick Long.

All competitors started out on bikes, and then proceeded to pedal through a lap of the track. After that, it was time to hop into a variety of Porsche vehicles and set gasoline-backed lap times. Since Long is a ringer behind the wheel, he was saddled with a Panamera loaded down with the rest of the competitors.

The amusing event was captured on film, and we'll be good car guys here and tell you that the best motoring action happens towards the end of the clip. Click past the jump to check it out.

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