Jay Leno's Garage welcomes Pagani Huayra and Pagani himself

Proving yet again that there's simply nothing in the automotive world that comedian, late night talk show host and genuinely nice guy Jay Leno can't get his hands on is the video you'll see after the break.

This week, Jay welcomes Horatio Pagani into his garage, and the man who heads his own eponymous automaker brought along a brand spankin' new Huayra for show-and-tell. Perhaps best of all (since we obviously didn't get to drive it ourselves), we now know the proper way to say Huayra: Why-ra.

Pagani tells us that, while the Zonda was inspired by Le Mans racing cars, the Huayra draws its inspiration from the moment an aircraft leaves the tarmac and begins to take flight. We have to admit, from the way the doors open like the portal into an aircraft to the wing-like splitters at the rear and the airfoil-shaped side mirrors, we can see clear evidence of aeronautical design in the Huayra.

That said, it's impossible to truly appreciate how special this latest Pagani is until you gaze upon its exquisitely crafted interior. Leather, bare aluminum and carbon fiber surround the driver and passenger in what we think may be the most impressive single element of the Huayra's look and feel. Well, that and those amazing wheel hubs. Oh, and the sound it makes when the turbochargers kick in. Guess the entire thing is pretty impressive, eh?

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video after the break, it's worth it.

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