Man charged with animal cruelty for driving with pug on motorcycle

There are plenty of dogs that love to ride in the car. Surely you've seen Fido, Spot and Ubu with their heads out the window, gloriously long hair and ears flapping in the breeze, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of a lovely spring day.

But what if man's best friend wants to be a little more... open to the elements? Well, there are sidecars that can accommodate a four-legged friend, and, though we certainly don't condone it, we've seen a few pups in the backs of pickup trucks, as well.

At least one man and his dog, though, found a somewhat different way to travel: on two wheels. According to The Asbury Park Press, Gyula Szatmari of Tuckerton, NJ, was pulled over on his way home from work with his pet pug on his lap. He was riding a motorcycle.

The local law enforcement cited Szatmari with careless driving and the improper transportation of an animal. According to the rider, he has been riding dog-in-lap for years and the dog apparently doesn't mind... though he's been warned by the police in the past that it's not legal to ride in this manner.

We're not entirely sure what the law dictates when it comes to transporting animals, but something tells us riding a motorcycle with a pug on your lap isn't the best way to get it done. A lined crate, as seen above, might be a better option, no?

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