Doc Brown goes Back to the Future, finds Garbarino electronics store

The DeLorean used in the Back to the Future movie trilogy may be the single most memorable movie vehicle for anyone who grew up in the 1980s (as did the vast majority of the staff here at Autoblog). And so, whenever we hear anything having to do with the car, the movie or its main characters, we sit up and take notice.

No surprise, then, that a company may want to make use of all that nostalgia to market itself – apparently, even one based in Argentina that we'd never heard of called Garbarino. The superstore apparently has all manner of high-end gadgetry, and it's hocked the skills of one Christopher Lloyd – forever known to BTTF fans as Doctor Emmet L. Brown – to help sell them.

You may remember a couple of videos that were floating 'round these parts a little while ago featuring Doc Brown and his time-traveling gullwing. It seems those were viral teasers intended to drum up some nostalgic interest ahead of the real deal.

We'll get this out of the way right off the bat... these are just commercials for an Argentinian electronics store and aren't going to set your BTTF-filled world on fire. Regardless, it's good clean fun, and it gives us yet another reason to ogle over a certain nuclear-powered DeLorean and its flux capacitor (which is what makes time travel possible...). Check out the vids after the break.

Finally, for more on the actual car used to film these commercials, check out this link. We also think it's cool that Garbarino is setting up a way for patrons to make donations to Michael J. Fox's charity to find a cure for Parkinson's disease.

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