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2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan
2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan
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Honda has recently taken a few shots directly across the bow, fired from the heavy guns of Consumer Reports. First, CR stated that the 2012 Civic had lost its Recommended Rating. Shortly after that, Consumer Reports went for the knockout by releasing a piece that chronicled what it describes as a decline in Honda's competitiveness. That wouldn't feel good for any automaker, but how does it feel if you just signed on as the new head of marketing?

Michael Accavitti is the man who recently stepped into that role. In fact, Accavitti took the role the same day that Consumer Reports released its unfavorable opinion of the all-new Civic. Despite that, Accavitti has a positive outlook in his new position, and he's stated that, although Honda respects the opinion of CR, it also disagrees with the way it currently views the brand.

Honda and Accavitti feel that the publication is hitting them quite harshly because they typically turn in A work, but this time have given the world a B+. On the flipside, Accavitti states that other automakers routinely hand in C-level work, and are being lauded for supplying everyone with a new crop of B- products.

It's an interesting outlook, but we wouldn't expect the new head of marketing to have a negative view of his brand. Honda and Acura have some challenges ahead of them, and the Consumer Reports articles should help kick them in the butt.

*Update: Corrected Mark to Michael

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