Kevin Youkilis, Herb Chambers and Biz Markie walk into a car commercial...

Being from the Boston area means you learn handful of facts specific to The Hub. One of them is that Kevin Youkilis (A.K.A. "The Greek God of Walks," "Youk") is a great pro baseball player with a few years left in the tank (despite his 2011 woes). Another fact is that you can't throw a stone in New England without hitting a Herb Chambers dealership. As a former resident of the great state of Massachusetts, your author is an Escalade-sized Red Sox fan and also worked a summer shuttling rental cars between two of Chambers' dealerships.

It seems Chambers and Youk are working together now, but their approach is... unique. Sitting at a piano, the duet attempts to warble out a version of Biz Markie's classic Just A Friend. Predictably, it's not exactly Grammy worthy. Hell, it's not even worthy to make the first round of American Idol auditions. Luckily, Mr. Markie isn't far away and steps in to help the pair get the song just right.

The message? Herb Chambers has got what you need, thanks to his 48 dealerships located around New England. Click past the jump for the clip.

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