AdSpotting: Kia and LMFAO introduce new Soul

Company: Kia Motors America

Brand: Kia

Medium: TV, In-Cinema, Social Media

Ad Agency: David&Goliath

Product: 2012 Kia Soul

Campaign: "Share Some Soul"

What We Like: There's no denying that consumers associate the Hamstars with Kia and the Soul. Even if you came upon this commercial part of the way through and saw a giant dancing hamster in hip-hop gear, you'd know what was being shilled. Like previous Hamstar spots, the music here is undeniably catchy. The track by LMFAO is called Party Rock Anthem and recently enjoyed a six-week run atop the Billboard Top 100.

What We Don't Like: The overall concept is pushing further into the realm of ridiculous. Yes, we've already come to a place in our lives where we can accept dancing hamsters as successful spokesanimals. We can't, however, see them using their shuffling skills to end a futuristic war waged by vicious robots/warriors/aliens that are open to the idea of getting foot loose. Also, we already mentioned that the track is catchy, and that is a positive... but it's one that will turn into a negative over time.

Strategy: Kia is reaching out to the demographic it believes is most interested in the Soul. This spot will make its television debut during the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), where tweens, teens and college folk will soak it in just as they would the latest episode of The Jersey Shore. The song will resonate with the demographic, and David&Goliath believes those future or current car shoppers will associate it with the 2012 Kia Soul. Still, while we understand the agency wanting to push the Hamstars in a new direction, having them establish galactic harmony through dance is a bit much.

Grade: C

Watch the video after the jump and give it your own grade below.

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