Jeep driver with homemade turret intended to shoot protest fireworks on National Mall

It's not the Call of Duty Jeep, but Glenn Neff and his Jeep Grand Cherokee were captured in Maryland ready for battle. Police found the Jeep outfitted with a homemade turret and awful lot of fireworks. Neff's apparent plan? To launch a fireworks barrage upon the National Mall to bring attention to issues he has with the banking industry.

Makes perfect sense to us, too.

Thankfully, the 27-year-old would-be pyrotechnics wizard was spotted by police in the Cabin John Regional Park located in Bethesda, Maryland. Officers spotted Neff's red Jeep in an isolated area of the park after it was closed. The SUV was loaded with fireworks, the aforementioned turret and a handful of PVC tubes with which to launch the colorful artillery.

Glenn Neff has been taken into custody and charged with three felonies related to the fireworks and his plan to assault the National Mall. Not surprisingly, Neff was also charged with possession of drugs, and all of the charges against him add up to a bond set at $2 million.

Internally, we're currently investigating the garage of our own John Neff (no relation) to make sure his sparklers and roman candles aren't being used for nefarious plots designed to bring attention to his own gripes with the banking industry.

We'll get back to you on that front, but for now, click past the jump to watch local news coverage what went down in Bethesda.

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