Ford F-250 Super Duty sets diesel and biodiesel land speed records

  • Brent Hajek and his nearly-stock F-250 Super Duty set the new B Production Diesel Truck land speed record with a speed of 167.300 mph.

The Bonneville Salt Flats are a place where records are constantly made and broken. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes are driven, towed or pushed out to the brilliantly white sodium chloride desert where drivers embark on a quest for high speeds. You can expect to see production cars, motorcycles, purpose-built streamliners and vehicles that look ready to leave the flat plain and attack the sky. One vehicle you would not expect to pull away from the start line, however, is a Ford F-250 Super Duty.

Brent Hajek sees the world a little differently.

The Hajek Motorsports team prepped a 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty for high-speed blasts under the Bonneville sun. The truck is a nearly stock diesel-engined model equipped with the new turbocharged 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8. Hajek Motorsports swapped out the fuel injectors, fuel pump and turbo to get more go-juice into the engine at a greater rate. Inside, a roll cage and five-point harness were added for safety while moonbeam wheel caps attempt to streamline the high-speed brick. Other than the moderate upgrades and sponsor stickers, the Hajek F-250 is a run-of-the-mill production vehicle that can run on standard diesel or B20 biodiesel. There's no exact number with regards to the upgraded performance figures, but Hajek Motorsports states that it's pushed horsepower and torque up by 50 percent over the stock engine's 400 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of grunt.

What sort of speed does that translate to on the salt flats? A new B Production Diesel Truck record of 171.123 miles per hour, which bests the previous record 166.850 mph held by a Duramax-powered GMC pickup. The Hajek team also filled the truck up with B20 biodiesel and set out to beat the previous record of 130.614 mph. They smashed that one, with a speed of 182 miles per hour. That's a pretty terrifying good clip for the large pickup. Kudos are in order for Brent Hajek and his team.
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Heavy Hauling and High-Speed Racing: Hajek Motorsports Breaks Two Land Speed Records with Ford F-250 Super Duty

Hajek Motorsports has broken two land speed records for diesel and biodiesel trucks with a Ford F-250 Super Duty. Using the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 turbo-diesel, the truck hit a top speed of 171.123 mph setting the new B Production Diesel Truck land speed record. Running on B20 biodiesel the truck smashed the existing 130.614 mph unlimited biodiesel land speed record by running 182 mph.

The 2011 Ford F-250 is mostly stock, with changes to the high-pressure fuel pump, fuel injectors and turbochargers for more fuel flow. The compression ratio was also modified
The production 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel produces best-in-class 400 horsepower and 800 lb.-ft. of torque with best-in-class fuel economy, further strengthening Super Duty's best-in-class towing and payload capabilities

WENDOVER, Utah, Aug. 19, 2011 – Ford F-Series is known for its unparalleled capability and power, but now it's found a place in the history books: Hajek Motorsports has broken two land speed records using both a diesel and biodiesel-powered 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. Using a mostly stock truck with the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8, the team achieved a speed of 171.123 mph on regular diesel and 182 mph on B20 biodiesel.

The Ford truck broke the B Production Diesel Truck record of 166.850 mph by a Duramax diesel GMC. This class is normally comprised of race vehicles with extensive aftermarket modifications. The F-250 that Hajek Motorsports ran is something of a rarity as it used extensive production parts to perform at high speeds.

Underscoring that the 2011 Super Duty is the cleanest Power Stroke ever, a land speed record was also set using soy-based biodiesel fuel. The truck broke the biodiesel land speed record of 130.614 mph.

Every 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel can operate on a mixture of diesel up to 20 percent biofuel. This capability is significant for the Hajek Motorsports team given its history and support for sustainable farm-based fuels and desire to prove that speed and performance are not compromised by using fuels like E85 and B20 biodiesel.

"Racing is part of Ford Motor Company's DNA so it's only natural for us to build a race vehicle that demonstrates Ford's leadership in the diesel and biodiesel truck market," said Brent Hajek, Hajek Motorsports owner. "The F-250 is an excellent truck with amazing capabilities. I'm amazed at how, with very few changes from stock, we were able to accomplish this."

Hajek, a soybean and corn farmer from Oklahoma, knows a thing or two about Ford F-250s and biodiesel fuel. He owns six for use on his farm, with his 1997 Ford F-250 having accumulated more than 400,000 miles.

"Super Duty has always been the leader in the heavy-duty truck segment," said Brian Rathsburg, Ford Super Duty marketing manager. "Breaking these records reinforces our leadership position, allows us to raise awareness around the truck's biodiesel capabilities, and gives us an opportunity to reach out to enthusiasts in a fun and engaging way."

Ford engineers teamed up with Hajek Motorsports to design and install the modifications to the production-level truck. Changes were made only to the top-end components of the engine including the high-pressure fuel pump, fuel injectors and turbochargers for more fuel flow. The compression ratio was modified as well.

"The engineering that went into the base engine provided us with a rock-solid foundation to start from," said Paul Niessen, powertrain engineer. "And it worked out great since we increased the output of the engine by more than 50 percent over production with just a few changes."

Work on a chassis dynamometer before the attempt proved the engine was able to adapt to biodiesel fuel and deliver on both horsepower and fuel economy. It also verified the performance of the production transmission and drivetrain.

Components were added for safety purposes, including a full roll cage and five-point harness.

Delivering more
The 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel produces best-in-class 400 horsepower and 800 lb.-ft. of torque with best-in-class fuel economy, further strengthening Super Duty's best-in-class towing and payload capabilities. The Ford-engineered diesel engine uses inboard exhaust architecture, an automotive-industry first for a modern production diesel engine.

Key features of the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel engine:

Compacted graphite iron engine block
Aluminum cylinder heads
Single-sequential turbocharger with double-sided compressor wheel mounted on a single shaft uniquely center-mounted on the engine block
Unique inboard exhaust and outboard intake architecture
High-pressure fuel system – new Bosch 29,000-psi common-rail fuel-injection system
Standard biodiesel compatibility up to B20
E85 performance
In 2009 Hajek Motorsports propelled an E85-powered Mustang to a land speed record at Bonneville with a record-breaking run of 255.764 mph and an exit speed of 258.410 mph with Danny Thompson, son of motorsport icon Mickey Thompson, behind the wheel.

In 2010 Hajek Motorsports, Ford Racing, Wood Brothers, Bud Moore and NASCAR driver Bill Elliott teamed up to establish a closed-course speed record on E85 with the reconfigured Bonneville land speed Mustang at Talladega Super Speedway. On the second attempt Elliott ended the day with a crash, but not before establishing an E85 record of more than 170 mph.

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