Luca di Montezemolo says we will "never see a Ferrari electric"

It's not too hard to imagine a future – a distant one, perhaps – where the majority of automobiles run on electricity, is it? It is for Ferrari president Luca di Montezemelo, who says that pure electrons are not part of the Prancing Horse's equation. While chatting with our cohorts over at Engadget, Montezemelo admitted:
You will never see a Ferrari electric because I don't believe in electric cars, because I don't think they represent an important step forward for pollution or CO2 or the environment. But, we are working very, very hard on the hybrid Ferrari. This should be the future, and I hope in a couple of years you can see it.
Setting aside whether Montezemelo is right or not with his CO2 math, we can count Ferrari out of the electric vehicle race while we wait for a hybrid wearing the Prancing Horse badge. Or will this future only hold true if Ferrari strictly adheres to the Montezemelo way? Either way, you can watch di Montezemolo's response in a video at the link.

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