Ford vs. Chevrolet monster truck tug-of-war is a fight to the finish

Is there any automotive rivalry burned into the American psyche as deeply as Ford versus Chevrolet? We don't think so. Those whose blood runs blue would never dream of piloting anything wearing a Bowtie, and vice-versa.

This being the case, it doesn't surprise us in the least that Adam, a Ford man through-and-through, challenged Cooper and his Chevrolet to a tug-of-war right in front of all their shirtless buddies. As it turns out, it'd be a fight to the death, at least for one of these lifted pickup trucks.

Now, before all you pickup fanatics get all up in arms, please understand that neither of these trucks is remotely stock. Both are heavily modified, with suspensions jacked up in order to fit massive tractor-style tires underneath. And, judging from the result of the pull-off, one of them was welded up much more solidly than the other. Check it out for yourself in the video after the break.

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