Dodge Omni GLH ad brings out the child in us all

The name Shelby is synonymous with high performance. The name Omni is more often recalled as a small hatchback offered by Dodge in the 1980s, and while it was practical and efficient, nobody ever thought of the little runabout as anything other than basic transportation. A funny thing happened when Chrysler got the bright idea to combine Shelby and Omni into one package, though: an iconic hot hatch was born. And darn if they didn't come up with one of the quickest production cars in America...

On second thought, "iconic" may be too lofty a word for the Dodge Omni GLH and, a few modifications later, its slightly quicker GLHS sibling. "Memorable," "noteworthy" and, above all else, "fun," on the other hand, apply perfectly. And speaking of memorable, have a look at the glorious commercial after the break, where the advertising geniuses combined an all-black Shelby Omni with a voiceover that sounds a heck of a lot like Billy Dee Williams.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, GLH stands for Goes Like Hell. GLHS stands for Goes Like Hell Some More, or so the legend goes.

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