Audi A0 concept monocycle definitely does not have Quattro [w/video]

Audi has lifted the wraps on its latest design innovation, the A0, a sort of sit-down half- Segway stroller for grown ups. It may only have one wheel, but the runabout was engineered with a single, hollow tire to self-stabilize.
Designed by a collaborative effort of Technische Universität München and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the self-propelled unicycle is good for an hour's cruise at up to nine miles per.

That's not as far or as fast as the Segway can travel, but we're not sure how long you'd want to go on one anyway. To make things even more enticing, it has handlebars and a seat, so you avoid all that unpleasant standing the Segway requires.

Click past the jump for a video of Audi's monocycle in action.

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