VW execs want Bulli to compliment Beetle in Heritage Collection

Volkswagen Bulli Concept: Geneva 2011
Volkswagen Bulli Concept: Geneva 2011
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If there's any one vehicle that can realistically challenge the Beetle in the annals of historic Volkswagens, it's the Transporter. More often referred to as the Microbus or just the Bus, the real original minivan first saw the light of day in 1950 as the Type 2 (the Beetle, naturally, was the Type 1).

As with the Beetle, it's the earliest models that incite the most butterflies in the hearts of air-cooled VW enthusiasts, though the machines remained collectible all the way through the early 1990s. And, if Volkswagen executives have their way, the iconic Bus may once again enter production.

Previewed by the Bulli Concept from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the production model would likely ride atop the same platform as the latest Volkswagen Beetle and sport seating for five occupants and their cargo. If that's the case, expect a range of four-cylinder engines (maybe even a five...) sending power to the front wheels.

If Autocar is to be believed, the next Microbus may be ready for the road by 2014, and it would likely come to the States. We'll begin the finger-crossing now.

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