Worldwide sales of electrified vehicles to hit 32.1 million in 2025

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Japanese research firm Fuji Keizai Group forecasts that combined sales of plug-in hybrid, electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles will hit 32.1 million units worldwide in 2025. Fuji Kezai says that sales of these electrified vehicles will climb to 5.46 million units in 2015, a six-fold increase compared to the approximately 900,000 electrified vehicles sold worldwide in 2010.

Fuji Keizai breaks down its 32.1-million unit figure like this: Getting 32.1 million advanced technology vehicles on the roads won't be cheap. Fuji Kezai estimates that infrastructure spending related to these electrified automobiles will soar to 290.1 billion yen ($3.7 billion U.S. at the current exchange rate). That's some ten times the amount of cash devoted to advanced vehicle infrastructure in 2010.

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